A global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of sustainable packaging.

Every day, we help our customers eliminate unnecessary cost. That’s the power of packaging, to drive efficiency at every stage of the supply chain.

Whether it’s designing packaging for productivity on the packing line, to protect products from damage or to make best use of space, we treat our customers’ money like our own.

In fact, taking ownership of space can offer extraordinary opportunity. Every time packaging optimises pallet loads and distribution, less warehousing is needed, handling is reduced and delivery journeys are taken from the road. The story doesn’t end there.

For example, our agile thinking about packaging enables FMCG, B2B and industrial customers to deal with unprecedented change in supply chain demands, and to do so at the right cost.

At the same time, we address the essentials of reliable packaging and partnership in pack supply, so fundamental to successful trading relationships.

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