Work Ethics

are the values and foundations on which Bizpack is built.

How we act reflects who we are, while our continued success, depends on whether those actions are not only lawful, but ethical.

Bizpack is dedicated to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our Code of Business Conduct is a reflection of these standards and provides each of us with the information needed to strive for excellence in our products, services and relationships.

The Code applies to our Board of Directors, officers and employees all over the world.
We also require individuals, entities, agents or anyone acting on our behalf to comply with this policy.

Our Code of Conduct provides a guide to the legal and ethical responsibilities we share, pointing us to the information and the resources we need, to exercise sound decision-making on the job.

In addition, our Speak Up service ensures that if anyone suspects wrongdoing or potential wrongdoing, they can report it easily and confidentially, without any fears of retaliation.

It is of paramount importance that everyone across the organisation understands their responsibilities in the context of our Code of Conduct, to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to the highest of standards, as well as deliver on the corporate governance commitments expected of us.

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