What are the features of this product?

  • Prevention of grease/colour stain
  • Retention of freshness, flavour, aroma, taste and crunchiness of the product
  • Easy to handle and secure in storage
  • Retortability
  • Protection of the product from the climate change in transit
  • Attractive eye-catching printing, which increases the sales of the product.
  • Increase the shelf life of the product
  • Cooks the food inside pouch very quickly
  • Silent salesman in super market store.
  • Increases the speed on automated filling and packing lines

What are the Benefits of this product?

  • Available in various combinations of material grades.
  • Manufactured as per the customers’ requirements of supply chain.
  • Smoothly runs on automatic packing lines
  • Excellant moisture and gas barriers property
  • Finest quality of printing for attractive market.
  • Additional features, including matte and gloss coating are available
  • High sealing strength
  • Easy opening with straight tear function
  • High temperature can be achieved very quickly for commercial sterilization

What are the specifications of this product?

  • Material: Pet/BOPP/Met-Pet/Poly/Alu Foil/CPP/NY/Matt Finish Pet/Multi Layer LDPE
  • Thickness: 20-200 Microns
  • Size: As per requirement
  • Finish: Gloss/Matte
  • Printing: Up to 9 colours (Surface or Reverse)
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